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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Put Your Insurance Card Back In Your Wallet

What makes Savon Medimart stand out from the rest when it comes to medical equipment and supplies?   SMM is dedicated to selling quality medical grade equipment and supplies to our customers at a discounted rate.  Medical equipment prices are constantly changing because of large insurance conglomerates that control the cost and reimbursement of products.   The majority of DME (durable medical equipment) companies are at the mercy of the insurance companies deciding if they want to cut their reimbursement rate or not.  During the past few years our industry has taken drastic cuts in reimbursement, some in excess of 49%.  Many companies have closed their doors because they can’t cover the cost of the product let alone additional overhead costs.   DME companies are being forced out of business at a drastic rate.  As a business owner, I knew I had to change the way we do business, not only for the livelihood of our business, but for the customers involved.  Customers are dealing with these ramifications on a daily basis.  Many customers are unable to find providers to take on their needs because the population of DME companies has dwindled so drastically over the past few years.  

My plan was to stay in business by changing our model.  We opted for a “no insurance contract model”.   Savon Medimart does not accept insurance payments of any kind and opted to be a cash and carry business.  We accept cash, checks and major credit cards.  Our prices are much lower compared to a DME company who is mandated to charge you higher prices because of insurance contracts.

Insurance companies not only cut our reimbursement but they have also made it almost impossible to get good health insurance coverage without paying an arm and leg.  More and more middle class families are unable to pay insurance premiums and have opted to go to the Marketplace to find more reasonable options.  “Cheaper” is not always better when it comes to insurance.  However, not being able to pay the rent and buy food for your family is not an option either, so off to the market place they trot.  Affordable options, yes, but let’s talk about deductibles.  The average deductible from the Marketplace can ranges anywhere from $3000.00 to $10,000.00.  This insurance will cover your family during a catastrophic event, but most healthy people don’t end up spending up to $10,000.00 on medical bills in a year.  Hence, buying your medical equipment and supplies from Savon Medimart proves to be a better option for individuals with outlandish deductibles.  Why pay more money for coinsurance fees when you can purchase discounted items for much less money out of your pocket. 

Know your insurance options before you hand over your insurance card to purchase your medical equipment and supplies.  Don’t be afraid to ask the right questions.  Know how much your insurance will pay for a product and ask the DME company how much they will be billing for those products.  Once you have the information you need, call Savon Medimart and see how much less you will be spending on the exact same products.  You will end up saving money in the long run.  Also, feel free to submit your own claim to the insurance company so that it can be added to your deductible.  Every penny counts when it comes to insurance deductibles.  Let Savon Medimart not only save you money but educate you on the products that will benefit you and your family. 
Savon Medimart prides itself on taking care of our customers by first making sure they get the products and services they need, but most importantly, at the lowest most affordable rate possible.  Put your insurance card back in your wallet and visit us for all your home medical needs including portable oxygen concentrators, Cpap and BiPap, nebulizers, lift chairs, hospital beds, bathroom safety aids, braces, tens units, ice packs / cold therapy, scooters, wheelchairs and bandage supplies and much more.  Visit one of our three locations in Girard, Twinsburg and Boardman or call us at 855-545-6685.

Article by Robin S. Ivany
Vice President/General Manager of Savon Medimart