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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Buy from Savon Medimart for Less

It may be less expensive and more convenient to buy your medical supplies from Savon Medimart.  With changes in Medicare and with private insurance high deductibles and co-pays, you can buy direct from Savon Medimart at far lower prices.  It’s a smart alternative to the hassle and expense of dealing with insurance companies.  Savon Medimart is a sister company of Boardman Medical Supply which has been supplying DME services to the Tri-County area for over 30 years.  

“Large insurance conglomerates control what medical equipment suppliers can charge and what the reimbursement rate will be on our products,” explains Robin Savon Ivany, general manager and second generation owner of Savon Medimart.  “Contracts with insurance companies have forced DME suppliers to charge much higher prices so that the insurance companies can remain competitive.  Savon Medimart has opted to eliminate insurance contracts in order to give the savings back to our customers by drastically reducing prices, thus saving our customers a great deal of money.”

Savon Medimart is focused on helping patients to be able to get the products they need while also paying less than if an item had been submitted to an insurance company.  New Medicare regulations may require Medicare patients to switch to an out of state or out of area DME company that is a contracted Medicare Competitive Bidding Round 2 Recompete provider effective July 1, 2016.  For Medicare patients submitting DME claims, you may not be able to get the same supplies as you are getting now.  These new DME providers may not have the items you want, or the selection.  Call Savon Medimart now to see how to save on your medical supply needs.

Savon Medimart has locations in Girard, Boardman, Warren, and Twinsburg.  For more information call toll free 1-855-545-6685 or visit the website